Roberto Marquez: Symbols December 1st – 31st, 2012

12/01/2012 Roberto Marquez: Symbols December 1st – 31st, 2012

Larsen Gallery has recently consigned a large body of work by New York artist, Roberto Marquez.  These consigned paintings from several private collections span several decades’ worth of works and showcases the artist’s attention to painterly details while telling a story.

Most of Roberto Marquez’ work is autobiographical derived from his heritage and its traditions as well as his modern day life in New York City.    The majority of his work has illustrated the interaction of humans within an interior setting surrounded by symbolism found in objects throughout the paintings.  In more recent years Marquez has found himself painting more outdoor scenes including landscapes with an emphasis on the horizon.

Marquez is a poet himself and is familiar with the work of many other poets; hence poetry plays an important role in much of Roberto Marquez’s work.  Incorporating actual words, phrases, even complete texts into the painting is a device Marquez loves to use.  While this approach is hardly new and sometimes overused mindlessly by lesser artists, Marquez always manages to instill ingenuity in the implementation of text.

Music also plays an important role as an artist for Marquez.  Like his reading, his musical taste is eclectic, but his preference is for classical works, especially operas, choral performances, and early music played on period instruments.

“ I should add that I think in all good art there has to be a religious element. I don't mean that in a strictly devotional way but rather that there is a connection between fate and the work before you. You have to believe in that work or otherwise it doesn't give you anything spiritually. Just like religion. I think there is something religious in the act of creating art."

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