Consign Art for Sale

The Larsen Gallery has specialized in consigning fine art for sale on the secondary art market for more than 20 years. The gallery considers artwork for consignment by established artists for which we have developed a client base. If you would like the gallery to consider a work of art for consignment we ask that you initially email specific information to the gallery. This information includes the artist’s name, title, media, edition #, dimensions, and year of the work. When measuring a work of art do not include the measurements of the frame. We also ask that you send images of the work. Please email this information to

The gallery will evaluate the artwork and its ability to successfully market the work on your behalf. If so, the gallery will research current market pricing and forward a suggested retail price. If acceptable, the gallery forward a completed consignment agreement for signature by both parties.  The gallery would then consign the work into the gallery and market the work at no cost to the consignor.  This includes marketing the work to our collector base, advertise the work nationally as well as display the work in our 5,200 square foot gallery located in the heart of Scottsdale’s fine arts district.  Some of our standard terms and conditions of consignment are listed below for your review.  Please ask for a consignment agreement for our complete listing of the terms and conditions of consignment.

• The initial term of the consignment agreement is one hundred eighty (180) days. After the initial term, the consignment agreement converts to a month to month contract with a minimum 30 day written notice of cancellation required.

• The consignor warrants that the work is authentic, he/she is the legal owner of the artwork free of all encumbrances, and agrees to consign the artwork exclusively to the gallery for the term of the contract.
• Transport or shipment of the artwork to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the consignor.

• The gallery retains the right to refuse artwork upon final inspection of artwork due to damage or misrepresentation of the artwork.